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Even if you are in your field for only a relatively short time, you have a wealth of knowledge about what you do that most other people simply do not have.

We would bet that in just 5 minutes, we could get you to give us at least 20 small pieces of great information or advice that people who are looking for someone who does what you do would love to know. We like to refer to those pieces of information or advice as “nuggets” (because nuggets are small, yet valuable).

Irrespective of the industry, we strongly suggest that every business or professional use blog-style videos to convey to their website, blog, or social media visitors these brief pieces of information. Doing so has many valuable benefits.

While the videos on this page are of a higher production value, yours don’t need to be.  As long as they are honest and genuine, they literally can be you opening your laptop, firing up the webcam, and you talking to your potential customer.

If you would like to explore how you can begin using blog-style videos for your business.

Blog-Style Videos for Bergen County Acupuncturist