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Why Video?

Video Is Powerful

It has been said that a sale is nothing more than the transfer of emotion.  The excitement and passion you have for what you do and how you do it is actually transferred from you to the person you are selling it to, and they buy. Executed well,video transfers your passion for what you do and your clients’ enthusiasm for your product or service, obliterating text and pictures that attempt to achieve the same goal.

Video Creates “Psychological Debt”

The more generous you are with other people, the more they will feel obligated to you.  At a bare minimum, create a video that teaches your potential clients what to look (and look out) for when buying the product or service you sell, and post it online everywhere you can.  Teach them how to do more stuff than that, and you’ll gain a friend. Friends buy from friends.

Video Pays the Most Dividends

Video’s ROI lasts a lifetime – as long as the video is not dated, and the benefits of your product or service remain consistent, your investment in video lasts forever – unlike a brochure that you have to keep reprinting once you have given them all out.

Video Is a Search Engine Magnet

Google, Bing and other search engines are eternally striving to deliver better search results, so it only makes sense that what people like, search engines like.  Properly housed and tagged video can get you to First Page Results, depending on how many other companies in your field are already using video to promote their businesses.

Video Positions You as an Authority

For better or for worse, video gives the impression that the person or organization that puts it out there knows what they are doing. The LAST thing you want is for your competition, who may not be as good as you are, to APPEAR more competent than you since they had the foresight and proactivity to use video in their marketing efforts.

Video Is So Cheap It’s Scary

The fact is that video has always been the most powerful form of communication from a distance.  Prior to web video, however, the cost of getting your video into the hands of your intended recipients would often cost more than the video production itself (with mastering, duplication, VHS or DVD label graphic design and printing, packaging, postage, etc. – $$$).  Today, a video shot with your cell phone has the potential to be seen by millions of people worldwide in under an hour FOR FREE.  That’s why every smart company and individual is using it to their marketing advantage.

Video Promotes Stickiness to Your Brand

You already know this – relevant and compelling video content is seductive.  It keeps us glued to our monitors, TVs, and mobile devices.  The longer someone is interacting with your brand through relevant and compelling video, the better.


According to Forrester Research, people who watch a video about a product or service are 52% more likely to take an action that moves them through the sales cycle.  What is your objective?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be to make a sale; it could be to entice someone to join your cause, sign up to your newsletter, or simply call you for more information.  Whatever your marketing objective is, online video is extremely effective in converting passive visitors to action-takers.

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