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Voters want to know who you are!

Get your message out – your way

Use video on your website, blogs and social media to get your message across.



Advantages of Using Political Campaign Website / Blog / Vlog videos

Website video works

If you are running for any office whatsoever, you would do yourself right by producing lots and lots of videos for your website and social media venues.

As you probably already know, who you are and what you stand for needs to get across to the most important people in your life right now… Voters. ┬áTrouble is, not only must you get that out to your future constituents, but you will likely have to counter what your opponents are saying about you and what you stand for!

Using video is the all-time best and most effective way to accomplish your messaging goal. Use it anywhere and everywhere you can. Start a YouTube Channel and post your videos there, then link to them to your website, your Facebook Page, your blog, and every other social media venue you can get your digital hands on.

You can certainly produce an over-arching video that goes into depth about your life history, and speaks about all of the components in your life that make up who you are and why you are for and against the policies that you are for and against.

There are many advantages to producing and posting very short “snippet” political campaign videos as well. The biggest advantage is that you are being considerate by giving your viewers the information they are looking for in a very quick manner. They don’t typically want the encyclopedia version of your position on this issue or that, they want the pamphlet version. You can also sort the videos on your website or video channel by topic, so that it’s easier for people to find the points of view you hold for those topics quickly.

Another big advantage that producing many political campaign videos for your website and your social media accounts is the SEO, or Search Engine Optimization value doing so gains you. When someone searches Google for NJ Senate Race Candidates, Google is going to rate a website that has 30 videos on it higher than one that has 2 or none. Remember – Google and other search engines are continually trying to improve the results they deliver to searchers – and if people love website video, Google loves websites that have lots of video.

The biggest advantage using video on your website, blog, and social media venues gives you is that your viewers (voters) want to see YOU. They want to know WHO you are and HOW you speak. They want to TRUST the person who they are considering, and again, there is no better way to show who you are and instill confidence in your voter base than by using video to do so (save for being there in person).