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Trade Show Overview Videos

The first three videos below are Trade Show or Marketing Event video recaps, showing highlights of the event with an on-camera host.

The HUGE marketing win-win…

We strongly advocate that the organization hosting the event – in the first case BergenFest – not only place the video on their Facebook page and other social media venues, but also tag the companies, individuals, and/or organizations that are featured in the video. This is a fantastic additional marketing benefit of producing an Event Video Recap because everyone involved can use it in their online marketing, and share each other’s friend/viewer base; the hosting organization can say to all of their online followers “In case you couldn’t make it, this is what you missed (i.e. don’t miss the next event)”, and the those who were highlighted can share (boast?) “Hey check us out, we were highlighted in the video of this great event!”

Please scroll down to view individual trade show booth videos/interviews.

Trade Show Booth Videos

Videos that highlight your vendors also benefit the show itself

Below are some Trade Show Booth Videos that were shot at the last SpeechTek event in NYC.  Each vendor prepared a few questions for the interviewer to ensure a flowing and relevant interview.

Smart companies/associations hosting trade shows include a line item on the booth space order form for dedicated video coverage.  Again, both the organizer and the participating company benefit by the exposure each experiences when the show exhibitor shares their video with everyone in their social media circles.